Monday, 16 February 2015

1 Hour Mods: Home WiFi Extender

WIFI Extender

In this first 1 hour mods we are going to make a home WiFi extender to help boost the signal in the hard to reach areas of your home. This is also great to extend the signal to the garage or garden?

For this mod you will need the following;

Old (or New) WiFi Router

Lan Powerline adaptors
What we want is to keep it simple and connect to one SSID with one password even though in effect we will have two routers in the house that at first will broadcast separate WiFi signals. We want the signal to seamlessly move between devices without any fuss.

How to

First connect the second router ( for this example we will call it an extender from here out) to a computer not connected to any other network. We now need to load up the built in configuration tool by typing in into your web browser.

You should now be presented with a login box, input the correct credentials normally found in the manual or at the bottom of the router.

Once logged in we need to set the WiFi SSID name and password to exactly the same as the currently running router so for example.

  1. Main Router is running on and my main PC has an address of
  2. The Wifi Network SSID name (What you see when you search for a signal) is "HomeNet"
  3. The Password for "HomeNet" is "Password12345"
  4. Wifi Channel is 6
We also want to change the wifi channel to a different number like 11 so it does not interfere. A good way to test this is with a Android app called WiFi Analyzer download it free below;

Now that the extenders settings are the same as the main routers with the exception of the WiFi channels, we need to change its default IP address from to something like this will still enable us to log into each router without conflict.

Save and exit the router settings.

Now Connect it to a power source and plug in the power-line extender to the 1st port on the router it should light up.

Connect to your normal router and access its internal settings the same way via and log in.

All we need to do it reserve a static IP address for the extender, remember we allocated it (Some might even ask for the MAC address)

Once we have done this log out and connect the other power-line adapter to the main router this will supply the extender with a valid IP address of and allow an internet connection.

Testing for a good signal

Now you should always connect to the strongest signal in that area without having to select anything. If it does not seem to work turn off the wifo on your device and back on again,

Also you could use the WiFi Analyzer to see if both signals (6 & 11) are broadcasting under the name "HomeNet" etc

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this 1 hour mod? If so please leave a comment in the box below or likewise if you need further assistance leave me a comment.

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  2. I was trying to setup my Netgear Ex2700 Extender several times after factory resets. Each time the "genie" pops up and I go through the steps to connect to my WiFi and it assignes the _EXT name to it then it reboots. I can then connect to the new _EXT Wifi name but there is no Internet connection and I cannot access the page.

  3. How to troubleshoot NETGEAR genie when it continues to appear after installing a Netgear Ex6920 Extender Setup?