Sunday, 22 February 2015

Build A Cheap Arcade Cabinet With A Raspberry Pi 2 & RetroPie - BEZEL UPDATE

Hello on this rainy Sunday afternoon, I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to everyone who has been reading my original post on this build and for all the people who shared and commented. This has been my first experience of blogging and I truly love the interaction with similar minded makers and hobbyist like myself.

OK prelims aside I have been playing with different methods of how to make a inexpensive bezel to cover the LCD and LCD buttons board without loosing the function of the Infra-Red remote control.

I decided to try to cut a bezel out from foamboard;

I measured the space from all the edges to the screen for to get its size in "mm" and tried to cut out the screen. Foamboard is easy to cut with a scalpel or an exact o knife for my over the pond friends. After 5 attempts it is still not perfect (due to my cutting) but it is at an acceptable quality for now. Finally I poked a hole with a pencil to allow the Infra-Red signal to work with the controller.

I held the bezel in place with two methods, firstly the foamboard is a snug fit (deliberately) and secondly I placed some double sided tape around the bezel of the screen cutout to stick to the foam surrounding the LCD screen.

I now need to try and find some raspberry Pi stickers?

Please see below for some more pictures.

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