Saturday, 21 March 2015

How to Build A Portable Kali Net Hunter Netbook (PwnPad) With Keyboard for Pen Testing

Penetration Testing On The Go.

This week I decided to look into a problem that I have had for a while with how I "Pen Test" (Penetration Test) on the go. A while ago I built a Kali Net Hunter tablet similar to the Pwn Pad by Pwnie Express however without the $1095 price tag. The Net Hunter tablet that I built works perfect but I despise having to type commands into the terminal via the on-screen keyboard as most of the time it covers 90% of the screen especially in landscape mode if you have the "Hackers Keyboard" enabled. I recognise that this is not always practical but in the other use cases where I just want the tablet I can just pull it off the Velcro and use it.

So I was looking on Amazon (Other online marketplaces are available) and I stumbled on a mini Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard designed for the iPad Mini. It was so cheap that I thought I would order one to see if it would work on my 2012 Nexus 7 8GB tablet, and it did.

So in order to complete the build I got some sticky Velcro tabs and mounted the Nexus 7 where the iPad would mount being careful to line up the USB OTG cable to the cutout. The Nexus 7 is smaller than iPad Mini but this was fine as it allows perfect space to operate the power / volume buttons at the top left.

Using more Velcro I attached the WiFi and Bluetooth modules to the rear of the lid ensuring the USB OTG cable could still connect to each device.

Now I just paired the keyboard with the Nexus 7 from the Bluetooth settings and BOOM no more on screen keyboard. Oh and guess what it still closes shut. Nearly!.

Please see below for more images and links to find the parts and software needed to build your own for less than £100.

Rear view and surprisingly it does not topple over.

It gives great access to the WiFi adapter antenna.

Front View

This is with the lid just pulled down it will close more than this

Net Hunter desktp, Looks great in landscape.

Easy to write scripts etc much better than onscreen keyboard.


Google 7 inch 16GB Nexus Tablet (NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core 1.2GHz Processsor, 1GB RAM, 16GB Memory, Wi-Fi, Android 4.1)

Computer Hardware:

Kamor® Apple iPad mini Keyboard Case High Quality Cover with Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for 7.9 inch New iPad Mini, Folio Style with IOS Commands WILL NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IPAD MINI 2rd GEN - Silver

TP-LINK TL-WN722N 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter

Parani UD100 Bluetooth USB Adapter (Bluetooth 2.0+EDR Class 1, USB 2.0, 300m)


The software I used to flash the Nexus 7 was the Kali Net Hunter for Windows based on the Nexus Toolkit.

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