Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Retro Arcade Builds

I have built many arcade machines over the years before this blog had started so I wanted a way to show them without them becoming an actual feature. I have not detail how I made them, so if you would like to know more information please comment below or on Twitter and I will be happy to answer any questions.

The the cabinets used Hyperspin Front-End for the emulators.

Counter Top (Bar Top) Arcade Machine:

This arcade machines running from a Windows netbook computer with Hyperspin front-end.

Coffee Table Arcade Machine:

I had loads of parts laying around so I added an old PC to a coffee table, added a fan and a wireless XBOX 360 joypad. The front end again is Hyperspin.

Mini SEGA Mega Drive (clone) Arcade Machine:

This arcade was really allot of fun, my son Adam asked me to build him a SEGA Mega Drive arcade machine out of his old Mega Drive clone. So I thought OK lets do it. The Sonic head was from a toy.

iPad Arcade Machine (Prior to the ION  iCade):

The iPad Arcade was built out of an old set of bedside draws and bits i had lying around. At this time I was making arcade machines out of anything for giggles. The Nintendo sign came about because i had a spare sticker from my Game Cube arcade cabinet.

iPhone 4/4s Arcade Machine (Charging Stand Only):

The iPhone cabinet came about because I wanted a iPhone charging stand for my desk. I think this was the first cabinet I ever made? Worked really well.

Nintendo GameCube Arcade Machine:

I decided one year that I was going to design a GameCube arcade machine for my Birthday project as I was inspired by the great Ben Heck. This was the outcome, and I never finished it despite all the effort I put in. It is still in the bedroom upstairs lol.

Raspberry Pie 2 RetroPie iCade:

This is my lastest arcade and full description on how its made in detail can be found here.

Thank you for looking down memory lane with me. If you would like anymore information please comment below, tell me if you like them. have you made one? Please don't forget to follow me on Twitter and subscribe to me on YouTube.

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