Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Do You Want To Make A Video Game For Android or iOS? Try Our Free GameSalad Templates

Do you fancy becoming a games developer for popular formats such as iOS and Android? I have been a games developer for years and I have put together the ultimate template package for use with GameSalad creation software.
I have created the ultimate template pack that I normally sell but for visitors of Man Cave Modder they are completely FREE, you get 7 FREE templates. I really enjoy making games and I hope to give you a helping hand, but I need people to know about my blog in order to give free stuff away to more people. No adverts, No surveys just download.

Guess what? also if you follow me on Twitter and subscribe to me on YouTube then you will never miss out on my monthly FREE templates. Like the "Kids Arcade" template for March 2015 as seen below;

Super Mario GS (One Level)

OpenFlow is a cover flow template for level select screens (v1 &v2)

Landscaping (Terror-forming template)

Robo Cod (James Pond) basic movement template

Death By Night (Mechanics Template)

Farmyard Abduction (Title, Intro, Menu)

Tower Defense Template


You are not allowed to use the artwork for commercial work or any app submissions to a live store. Watermarked artwork is included for layout purpose only.

March 2015 Template : Kids Arcade!

FREE only for followers and subscribers, cant wait! subscribe and follow now for instant access.


  1. loved the arcade one. followed u how can i recieve it? love ur work

  2. Yeah, how can we download these?

  3. Love to read it,Waiting For More new Update and I Already Read your Recent Post its Great Thanks.

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  4. H, could u plz update the templates as they do not work with the current gs creator. I really wanted to look at them for inspiration. Many thanks,

  5. Tks, MC.
    I have just subscribe.
    How can I DL the game files?